On a quest for a successful and organized year of 1st and 2nd grade!

Just a quick post to show you how I have organized my girls school supplies to make them more easy for them (and for me!) to access. First week of school went by and they already have projects due next week! I was searching on Pinterest on ways to organize their million pencils and markers WITHOUT spending any money.

I decided to use a plastic utensil and napkin holder I had bought several months ago at our grocery store for less than $7. Luckily most of their markers and crayons fit! then I placed the container inside a basket. Now I needed a container for their million pencils. I placed a manson jar in the basket and that was going to be their pencil holder. It worked!!!

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Healthy Lunch and Healthy dinner ideas for kids (and Bento Box Review)

As you all know I have 2 daughters. Last week they started 1st and 2nd grade. My first grader can be a picky eater but loves her mustard and balsamic vinegar! uh?  I know.. anyway, this means I have to make 2 lunch boxes every single day, a job that can be so dreading, but I have made up my mind to make it rewarding and fun. Here are some images of their healthy lunches and dinners this week!
1- Annies crackers, cheese, fruit salad - fresh, chicken nuggets/ketchup, yogurt
2- Cantaloupe, Annies crackers, cheese and turkey, crackers, hummus and carrots.
3- Annies crackers, grapes, carrots, cheese and PB&J
4- Annies crackers, cheese and turkey, grapes, crackers, broccoli with ranch
5-honey crackers, broccoli with ranch, cantaloupe, yogurt, cheese crackers and turkey. (DO NOT PUT THE CRACKERS IN THE SAME SLOT AS THE TURKEY AND CHEESE, THEY WILL ET SOGGY)

BENTO BOX REVIEW: I was contemplating the idea of purchasing a laptop Box or something like that but I didn't want to have to search for lids in the morning, that when I found the Spencer Bento Box from Pottery Barn Kids. I love it because its a big container! no lids to search for and it is dishwasher safe! the cons, well, not 100% leak proof, also, it fits very tightly in the lunchbox also purchased at Pottery Barn Kids. My girls have a hard time opening the container and this is why:

The closure thingy it is a little hard to open (for kids) and since the Bento Box fits very snugly inside the lunchbox it makes it hard for my girls to open it.

So what I do is I leave the closure thingy up and that is how I place it inside the lunchbox making it easier for my girls to open it. 

DINNER PLATE REVIEW:  While searching for healthy meals on Pinterest I found this awesome dinner plates from Supper Healthy kids . The plates cost $7.95ea. I can tell you that dinner has NEVER been this easy!!! My girls are involved with dinner every night. In the process they are learning too! and they have had veggies and fruit for lunch and dinner every single day. I hope it continues to be this perfect! they only con is that they are not microwave safe... no big deal!!!

1- Spaghetti with pesto sauce (grain and veggie), cantaloupe, hb egg.
2-Rice, mahi burger, grapes, broccoli with potatoes.
3- hb egg, rice, cantaloupe, broccoli and potatoes.
4- Pasta cooked with olive oil, chicken nuggets (all natural - I hope), broccoli and carrots with ranch, and fruit
5-Rice and lentils (grain and protein), bananas, broccoli and ranch.
I will try to share our lunch and dinner ideas more often! xoxo 

About to start my new job as a Registered Nurse!!!

I feel very blessed I get to start an amazing new RN grad program tomorrow Monday! I will be in training for 12 weeks. The first half will be in a classroom, simulation lab and computer work. The second half of training I will be precepting with a nurse at the hospital and hopefully by December I get to be on my own!

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