What is a Diaper Cake?

Have you been invited to a baby shower and are still looking for that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for the soon-to-be mother? You’ve probably heard about diaper cakes, and have a general idea about how they’re put together, but you’re really looking for some good free diaper cake instructions to show you exactly how to make a diaper cake.
What is a diaper cake?

You’ve probably heard people talking about them, and how beautiful they can be. Maybe you’ve seen one or two in person. Well despite the name, a diaper cake is certainly not the kind of cake you want to put in your mouth! Its made out of diapers (obviously) and can be themed to almost everything from an aeroplane to a motorcycle, check out our motorcycle diaper cake tutorial if you fancy making one of those.

Essentially a diaper cake is a bunch of baby diapers arranged in a way as to resemble tiers of a cake. They are typically wrapped with ribbon, and accented with other useful baby items such as bibs, bottles, receiving blankets, and stuffed animals. It certainly sounds like an easy operation, but as with most crafts, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to know to help you create a baby diaper cake that looks wonderful, and also doesn’t fall apart.

While a lot of diaper cakes look just like tiered cakes, you can also create other types of designs. Some popular diaper cake ideas are animals, cupcakes, or even a tricycle! You can really let your imagination run wild when creating your baby diaper cake.

So why should I learn how to make diaper cakes?

I’d say the best reason to learn how to make diaper cakes is the cost savings. You see, even though the price of the raw materials is relatively low (you can find Pampers diapers on amazon.com for as little as $0.19 each), if you were to buy a diaper cake online or in a store, you could easily pay upwards of $100. Some of the higher end diaper cakes cost nearly $300! Following these diaper cake instructions will teach you how to duplicate any cake for 1/4 the cost.

In addition to the money that you’ll save, you’ll also always have the perfect gift to bring to a baby shower. It can be hard to come up with a gift idea that you know the mom will like, and also one that all her other friends haven’t bought. Diaper cakes are always appreciated by the mother-to-be and the rest of the party will look on in amazement as you show it! When they ask you where you got such a cute gift, won’t it be nice to say, “I made it!”

Making diaper cakes is also a fun hobby that you can do with family and friends, and also a pretty spectacular business if you have the time and energy!

How hard is it to make diaper cakes?

On first glance, it may seem pretty easy to make a baby diaper cake. But if you’ve never made one before, then you’re probably unaware of the potential disasters that can happen when you’re assembling the diaper cake. Fortunately it doesn’t take any specific or special skill to learn how to make diaper cakes. It’s helpful to follow along with some step-by-step diaper cake instructions to guide you through and keep you aware of the pitfalls.

There are a lot costly websites and ebooks out there that can guide you through the process, but we’ve gathered together some of the best diaper cake instructions on the web for you to look over absolutely free!

We’ve got quite a few diaper cake ideas if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration in designing and creating your baby diaper cake.

If you’re seeking step-by-step diaper cake instructions, we have a bunch of tutorials and videos below that can assist you. Everything from which baby items are the best to put on your baby diaper cake, to the best technique for rolling the diapers themselves.

Maybe you’re not the crafting type and are just looking for the best place to buy diaper cakes for baby showers. Check out our list of wonderful online baby diaper cake retailers that are sure to have just the design or theme that you want.

Our in depth how to make diaper cakes guides will supply you with plenty of knowledge and understanding of the different ways to create and assemble your baby diaper cake.

Check out our gallery for many pictures of diaper cakes that are sure to light that creative fire and give you that extra piece of inspiration you’re looking for! All it takes it a little bit of planning, some basic crafting tools, and a box full of diapers. What are you waiting for? Start making your baby diaper cake now!

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