Wall Decorations for Baby Showers

Wall decorations for baby showers can add a decorative element to the party. Wall decorations for baby shower can include butterflies, bunnies, baby bears, baby ducks, storks, and baby shower banners. Custom banners will allow hosts of the baby shower to place vinyl, replaceable adhesive letters, and numbers to the banner. Most hosts will find that a special occasion such as this often involves designing and preparing in advance for the guest of honor and her guests. More often than not organizing colors and arranging celebration pieces along with take home gifts and other needed supplies will add to the celebration as well as make great overall additions to the event. Custom banners can in array of colors and patterns to match the rest of the baby shower party supplies. There are many baby shower decorations and party supplies such as danglers, confetti, ceiling decor, balloons, curling ribbon, streamers, keep sake books, new mom to be tiara, and baby shower nametags. Baby shower games are a fun way to pass the time and have guests get better acquainted with each other. The Tummy Measure game allows guests to guess the tummy size of the soon to be mom. Have guests write down a number on a piece of paper. Once all the numbers are written down measure the tummy size of the soon to be mom. The person who correctly guesses the tummy size of comes closest wins a prize. Another fun game is the matching game. Match baby pictures with the guests of the party. Paste baby pictures on a wall or board and see who can correctly match the baby pictures with the party guests. Baby shower party favors can include hand soaps, lotions, shampoos, candy jars, votive candles, candles, tea etc. Ensure everyone leaves the baby shower with a party favor bag. Practically makes everything worthwhile so start your wall decoration shopping today and plan with enough time. This will allow for amazing results and give the event a pleasant feel. Start buying the more important items like wall decorations, party favors, tablecloths, games, and paper goods.

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