Unique Party Favors for Baby Showers

Party favors at a baby shower, especially baby shower unique party favors, are a great addition to the party because they allow the guests to take a piece of the party home with them. Unique party favors that are personalized can make a huge statement at the shower; however, any type of favor will be appreciated by guests because favors serve as a special reminder for the beautiful day. Most hosts will find that a special occasion such as this often involves designing and preparing in advance for the mom to be and her guests. More often than not organizing colors and arranging celebration pieces along with take home gifts and other needed supplies will add to the celebration as well as make great overall additions to the event.

Baby shower unique party favors can be as simple or as elaborate as the hostess wishes to make them. Many hostesses opt to give small bags of candies, but some hostesses like to give unique party favors, especially those that reflect the interests of the mother-to-be. Scrapbooking supplies can be used to help create unique party favors that are personalized for each guest. This option is also great because it allows the hostess to create an elegant flair without breaking the bank. For the mother-to-be who enjoys gardening, the hostess may choose small terra cotta flower pots with one or two seed packets tucked inside. The clever hostess may even add a cute saying to a tag.

Baby shower unique party favors can create special details for the mother-to-be and guests alike. Unique party favors may be purchased to coordinate with the shower’s theme or to reflect a special interest of the mother-to-be. Unique party favors are a wonderful addition to any baby shower, and the hostess can be sure she is giving guests one-of-a-kind favors. Parties with educational toys can be really creative for the kids. Give children toy puppets or toy pianos and have them put on skits or a musical talent show. Then, let the kids take home their toy as a party favor.

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