Your Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist and Planner

To help keep you organized while planning a baby shower, use this handy baby shower checklist. This will ensure that you don’t let anything slip through the cracks so that your event goes off without a hitch. Use this baby shower checklist to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Baby Shower Checklist—Four Months Before the Shower

Finding the Host. Will you host the party at your place or will you need another location (e.g. a friends home, a party hall, etc.)? Book the venue early and have a backup location in mind.
Setting your Budget. Having a set budget will help you stay on target and not overspend. Will you be paying for it all? Will others chip in?

Drawing up a Guest List. This can be tricky if you’re throwing a surprise baby shower so email and call all of the mom-to-bes close friends and family members, getting contact info for others they think should be invited. If it isn’t a surprise, simply ask the mom-to-be. Will it be women only? Couples? Mixed? All ages?

Choosing the Date. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a date that works for the mother-to-bes closest family and friends, especially those traveling from out of town. Aim for a date two months before the due date so presents can be exchanged and the parents-to-be have time to pick up items they didn’t receive.

Baby Shower Checklist—Two Months Before

Choosing a Theme. This can be as simple, complicated, traditional or edgy as you like. Still, you’ll want to keep your guest list and honoree in mind.

Sending Out Invites. Include all of the pertinent information (i.e. date, time, location, directions, registry info, etc.). Set your RSVP date at least two weeks from the baby shower.
Buying Baby Shower Supplies. Buy all the party favors, eating utensils, goody bags, decorations, etc. If you aren’t buying them, assign guests to bring each item.

Planning the Menu. Take all guests dietary needs into consideration and be certain to have vegan and gluten-free options available. The menu can tie in with your theme or you can have the event catered. A budget-friendly option is to assign guests dishes to bring.

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Baby Shower Checklist—One Months Before

Calling for Help. Get some of the guests involved or book bartenders, waiters, photographers, Djs, etc.
Ordering the Essentials. This is the time to start ordering the cake and flowers. If you need seating, this is also time to rent chairs and dance floors.
Pre-Making the Thank You Cards. You should have a good idea of the guests from the RSVP, so now is a good time to pre-address the Thank You Cards for the mom-to-be so all she has to do is personalize them (a big help as she approaches her due date).
Organizing your Baby Shower Games. Pick which games you are going to play based on the RSVPs and then purchase all supplies.

Baby Shower Checklist—Two Weeks Before

Checking in on Stragglers.
Follow up on those who haven’t RSVPd.
Assembling the Goody Bags.
You already have the supplies, now tie them up and make them pretty. Wrap all game prizes as well.
Getting Cameras. Its always a good idea to remind guests to bring cameras.

Baby Shower Checklist—Three Days Before

Cleaning the Space. Unless you rented, give the place a thorough cleaning.

Baby Shower Checklist—The Day Before

Cleaning the Space. Yes, again.
Setting Up. Arrange the furniture, set up the decorations, set out trash bags, set up tables and games, etc.

Baby Shower Checklist—On Party Day

Picking up the Essentials. Make sure you pick up the cake, flowers, food, etc.
Assign a Guest of Honor. This person will tend to the mom-to-be throughout.

As you can see by this baby shower checklist, planning ahead leaves little to do as the date approaches, freeing you up to take care of emergencies and most of all, enjoy the shower yourself! For more great baby shower ideas and essentials like this baby shower checklist.

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