Treasure Chest for Baby Showers

For the hostess who is hosting a baby shower, a treasure chest is a great choice and versatile option for the mother-to-be as well as guests. Most hosts will find that a special occasion such as this often involves designing and preparing in advance for the mom to be and her guests. More often than not organizing colors and arranging celebration pieces along with take home gifts and other needed supplies will add to the celebration as well as make great overall additions to the event.Treasure chests, like gift baskets, can be created to match any budget and are very simple to make. A treasure chest can be given away as a party favors to each guest, or reserved for the winners of baby shower games.

A baby shower treasure chest can take any form, and can be filled with a number of products. While the traditional treasure chest is a wooden box, the creative hostess may opt to select a different container for her treasure. The gift-giver should decide whether the treasure chest will contain gifts specifically for the baby, for the mother-to-be to pamper herself, or a mixture of both. For a treasure chest which will be given to guests, the hostess should choose items within her budget, and if she can, items that also relate to the baby shower’s theme.

A baby shower treasure chest is a great choice as a special gift for the mother-to-be, or as a party favor for guests to take home with them. Some hosts opt to use the treasure chest as a game prop by having the guests estimate the total cost of the basket. Typically, the gift basket is given to the guest of honor, but the game could be altered so that the treasure chest goes home with the winner of the game. So you think you’ve thought of every cool decoration for your upcoming party? Well, we’ve got one more to add…toilet paper. Yes, you won’t believe the reaction you’ll get from your guests. There are rolls available for birthdays, holidays, football parties, Graduation, Mardi Gras, New Years, and Halloween, just to name a few. Now you’ve thought of every last detail!



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