Nursing School Graduation Party Ideas

Nursing graduation party ideas

Nursing School Graduation Party Ideas

I know I am wayyyyyy to early to start planing my graduation party. But frankly there is now time like the present to start pulling together those nursing graduation party ideas. I haven’t even started school yet! ha! (a few more weeks to go) BUT having that vision of graduation day in my mind motivates me to keep on going. I know I will make my family proud but I can tell you that I will be super proud of myself too! Anyway, here are some ideas I have found on the Internet and pinterest. ENJOY!!! They are super cool!!!

So lets go long and break out some amazing graduation party ideas folks here we go:

Graduation Chocolate Ideas

Well lets face it if you have ever deserved a treat it is on your graduation day.

cookies, truffles, chocolate gift baskets, chocolate cookies, chocolate fountains … the list goes on and my mouth is watering as we speak.

Like other things that make a graduation party special, the personal touch can help give your chocolate plans some extra meaning. You can get your chocolate treats made in the shape of a boy or girl, graduation caps can be fashioned from chocolate moulds and chocolate cakes can be decorated with names, rhymes and even pictures of the person who is graduating.

Edible Chocolate decorations and treats can be placed around the house in various locations and jars and bowls can be filled with delicious chocolate treats. Continental themes can be brought into the equation if you ask people to bring chocolate from different regions of the world giving your guests a huge variety to choose from.


Graduation Party Favors

Parties come and go, so how will your guests remember yours?  Sending your guests home with some little graduation party favors is a good way.  Small bags of candy may sound a little dull but you can brighten them up with pictures of diplomas on the bags.  It doesn’t end there, and need not be expensive.

Roll up some white sheets of paper and tie them off with ribbons to make fake diplomas.  Shred up paper in the school colours to create confetti.  Using a graduation cap as a table centrepiece also adds a nice touch.

The key thing to consider when buying graduation favours is to think about the personal touch. Chocolate and candy can be put moulded into specific shapes so car shaped favours for a car lover or guitar shaped favours for a musician would add a personal touch. Candy wrapping can also be Personalized wit names, favourite colors, logo’s etc so you could have the persons name with the colors of their favourite sports team on the candy wrappers. You can use your knowledge of the person and your imagination to come up with all sorts of ideas for great Personalized Graduation Favors.

Try This Great Tutorial To Make Mojito Cocktail Cupcakes – A wonderful fun accompaniment for any nursing graduation party


Graduation Party Games

A little bit of fun will liven up any party, but you must be careful on the games you pick.  ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ will not exactly go down well with most nurses, especially after a few cocktails.  At the same time, you don’t want the games to be too adult so nothing racy or maybe you do!

Games ideas will largely rely on the type of party you’re throwing and the theme.  Try picking games that your younger guests, and especially the graduate, won’t feel silly playing.

Consider a murder mystery or a ‘pub style’ general knowledge quiz.  Name that tune or every nursing student’s favourite pastime – the ‘most hated tutor’ dartboard.  You don’t even have to use real darts if you are worried about injuries.  The suction cup darts work just as well.

Graduation Party Supplies

When it comes to balloons, streamers and confetti, a party shop will carry what you need.  If you want to save money, you could always make them yourself.  However, as it is a graduation party, having a banner or sign of congratulations is required.  Stores also supply these, along with mini-graduation caps.

Plates, cutlery, glasses cups designed with graduation cap and diploma pictures can be personalised by adding the name of the graduate and their class year.

The Internet is also a source of supplies if you’re trying to find something but do know what.  You can browse items, prices and find the right mix of what works for your party before making the final purchase.

Graduation Party Food

Options for the cake are as limitless as your imagination.  Making your own instead of having one professionally made can save money and add your own personal touch.  First things first, everyone will want a slice so make sure you make enough cake for all your guests.

After working out how much cake you will need, you need to decide on the flavour.  The graduate’s favourite is always a good place to start; after all, it is their day.  The design of the icing is where your imagination is truly used.  Consider following the theme of your party for the design, from white icing to depictions of the graduate’s hobbies, you could add in a few graduation caps to keep with the purpose of the party.

One cake idea is to bake a roll cake.  With this style of cake, add a red ribbon around the middle and it will appear as a diploma scroll.  Another cake idea is to shape it based on the graduate’s favourite sport or hobby, maybe even something following the graduate’s plans for the future.  For example, several cake layers could form a stack of nursing books.

Another treat for the partygoers are muffins and cupcakes.   Additionally, with the appropriate moulds, you can melt down chocolate and create anything from little chocolate graduates to chocolate caps.  Mix in a little mint essence or orange flavouring to add a little variety.  Cookies are another good choice and they are easily baked, and cut into any shape.

Graduation is an important time and throwing a party is certainly a way of personally marking the occasion beyond the graduation ceremony.  Have a good time and congratulations on your nursing graduation.

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