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How to Make a Diaper Cake

Motorcycle diaper cake, the story starts here. Once upon a time, I used to make Diaper Motorcycles. Lots of people asked my how to make motorcycle diaper cakes. Then one day I got accepted into nursing school. That is when I decided why not make a tutorial to share with the whole world {lol}, how to make super cute diaper motorcycles! I also thought it would be a nice thing to start a blog about my journey into nursing school and at the same time, by having a blog, it will allow me to share all things about my journey into mommyhood too! So then…I did. {THE END} 😉

Oh, by the way, I’d love to see your Diaper Cake when it’s complete, feel free to send us a picture using our diaper cake photo submission page. We’d love to share your work with our community.

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A completed elephant motorcycle diaper cake


Motorcycle Diaper Cake

I finally decided to share a tutorial on how to make this beautiful diaper motorcycle (Diaper cake). I hope you enjoy it! This would be the greatest baby shower gift ever! I promise you that 🙂 Email me if you have any questions!

**This tutorial is for personal use only. Make as many as you want for yourself or to give as a gift. Instructions and pictures are not to be copied or duplicated. You can place my link on your blog/website if you would like to share this tutorial. Thank you! {wink}**

Materials: 34 diapers Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 (17 for each tire), 8″ cake pan, 2 rubber bands, 2 receiving blankets (30×30 approx), 2 bibs, 1 chain link toy, a pair of socks or mittens, a baby bottle, 1 washcloth, scissors, pins, a stuffed animal (size approx between 15″ and up to 20″), and decorative ribbon.

Make sure the gab between each diaper is even. See above picture #5? They are not even.

Pic #6: With one hand on top of the diaper, use the other hand to start pulling each diaper to the right until they all are even. Pic #7 is looking better…but pic #8 is perfect!

For pic #13: wrap each tire with ribbon of your choice. Place a pink to secure ribbon. The pin will at be the bottom of the tire. Do the same for the other tire. PLEASE NOTICE THAT THE FOLLOWING PICTURES DON’T HAVE THE RIBBON AROUND THE TIRES BECAUSE I FORGOT!!! I WAS TOO EXCITED! But make sure the ribbon is around the tires for the rest of the instructions. 🙂

Pic #14: Fold first receiving blanket in half…and roll it up like in pic #15

Pic #16: If you want you can secure the end of the rolled up blanket with a pin just until you place the blanket through the tire opening.

Picture #20: PLEASE note that we are working on the BACK tire.

For pic #24: Pull both ends of the blanket (following the arrows) to make sure the 2 tires are tight and the blanket too. Not too tight but firm. This will hold your entire motorcycle! Remember we are still working on the back tire.

For pic #25 place a pin in the inside of the tire opening securing the 2 blankets against the diapers. Make sure the pin is all the way in! then tuck in the remaining of the 2 ends of the blanket in the opining of the tire. You can see the finished back tire on Pic# 29.

Pic #26 shows the front tire first.

We are going to work on the handle now…Pic #28: roll up the second blanket…

Pic #29: Place the rolled up blanket through the opening of the FRONT tire.

Pic #35: If you would like you can roll up the wash cloth around the baby bottle.

To make the handle bars more stable follow instructions on pic #37 and #38

Pic #39: Put tissue paper inside the sock or mittens…it just looks better!

Pic #42: Place the other bib on top of the back tire.

More Tutorials…….

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