Homemade Baby Food Purees

Somewhere around 6 months old, you baby will be ready to start eating solids. When we say “solid” we mean, very slightly more solid than breast milk. It is a time when the kitchen blender becomes the most used appliance in the house, as almost anything and everything becomes a homemade baby food puree delight.

We have a few baby food puree recipe ideas here in the recipe archives of SweetAprils.com. one of my favourites is the Prune Puree and it’s companion recipe, the Prune and Apricot Puree. High in fiber, and sweet and tasty. This is often a big hit with baby and mum alike.

Other great homemade pureed baby food recipes include:

The mighty Beef Puree – celery, carrots and beef, all blended into a high protein and iron, super anti oxidant power snack.

Spring green puree – a delicious blend of green goodness.

Awesome Avocado Smoothy – Avocados are always a big hit with babies, and if they don’t like this, you can use it on your nachos!

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