Fight Your Dry Skin With This Whipped Coconut Oil Recipe

So obviously, winter has hit hard. That pretty much goes for anyone in the US. Every state last week had reached a temperature of below freezing. Its been insane. Even living in Georgia, we were predicted to have snow (of course didn’t) but many places shut down around here and it was crazy how fast everything goes at the grocery store. I’m a Chicago girl so I just laugh at the chaos down South 🙂

Unfortunately, my skin has really taken a beating with the season. My face has been super dry and I even catch my dog itching like crazy. Normally, I just use the coconut oil straight from the jar but to be honest, I just don’t like the texture. If you rub it in between your hands, your bodies temperature will melt it but I miss the smooth feel of lotion. I have found that if you whip the coconut oil, it mimics the texture of a lotion and it goes how so much smoother. My face has gotten better and Ive even used it on my dog. He’s been scratching a lot less!

Whipped Coconut Oil


1 c. coconut oil
15 drops of your essential oil of choice.

Place the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Whip for about 5-10 minutes. Scrape the bowl occasionally. I just use my Kitchen-Aid mixer, turn it on, and go about my other activities.

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