My Favorite Books for Pregnancy

So you find out you’re pregnant, now what? If you’re like me you want to research and become informed about the changes in your body.

You immediately run out to Barnes and Noble in search of the perfect book. Theres one problem. Theres a gazillion books to choose from. How could you possibly go through all that reading before the baby comes?

Lets be honest here, you wont, so Im going to narrow it down to 6 books that Ive really enjoyed for my pregnancy. I haven’t necessarily read all of them straight through, but they’re great for referencing. For instance, if Im dealing with heartburn and want a remedy, I go to one of my books and find the answer.

Another thing I want to point out about my list, is they’re informative, and not in a negative way. A very stereotypical book you might find people recommend is What To Expect When You’re Expecting. This will tell you anything and everything that can possibly go wrong in your pregnancy. You don’t want that! You don’t need that stress. Our society already has a negative view on the birthing process. That scared feeling you have will make you tighten up while giving birth, making it more uncomfortable. So in my list, I tried to books that shed positive light on the experience. Relaxing through your labor (or I like to say birthing time because labor means work) will benefit you and that baby, so surrounding yourself with positive stories is only going to help. Of course, 6 is a lot, but I wanted you to be able to choose which works best for you.

I also tried sharing books that weren’t too biased. You’ll find some books that are all for hospital births and then some who are all for natural births. I did my best in choosing books that gave you the options available and facts to help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

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