Elephant Diaper Cakes

If you are looking for a unique and adorable baby shower gift idea, consider creating your own. This super easy and fun DIY elephant diaper cake is adorable and functional. You can create this style of cake two different ways. First, is a regular tiered cake with elephant accents like a stuffed elephant topper or you can choose option number two where you create the cake in the shape of the actual elephant.

Supplies Needed:
• 1-2 packs of newborn or size one diapers
• Rubber bands
• Clear tape
• Ribbon (I find the inch and a half thick ribbon works best) color and print is up to you
• Burp cloth
• Bib
• Wash cloth
• Receiving blanket
• 2 pair of socks
• Cardboard (for the base)
• Scissors
• Tissue Paper (to cover the cardboard)
• Travel size baby toiletries
• Sharpie
• Binkie

You want to begin by rolling your diapers into jellyrolls and securing them one by one with a rubber band and set them to the side. Save one or two diapers because these will be your baby elephant’s face and trunk. You will want to assemble your little elephant from the legs up this will help keep everything stable and in it’s place. Don’t be afraid to use tape to help secure the sections as well.

The legs should take about 6-8 diaper rolls per leg and you can secure all the diapers together with a thicker larger rubber band (at least until you get your ribbon on). When you have all four legs assembled try to set them on the base plate the way you would like them to be once finished. Wrap your ribbon pieces around the legs where the rubber bands are to help hide them and secure the ribbons with a small piece of tape.

Using your other diaper rolls and your receiving blanket you want to form the body of your elephant. I like to fold my blanket with the nice side or picture side out and lay it on the table I then place all the diapers I am using in a row on the receiving blanket. I typically will do 5 in a row and maybe 3 diapers in thickness, again you can use rubber bands and/or tape to help you keep things in place. Then fold up the sides of the blanket so the diapers are all tucked inside and secure with your tape. You will set this carefully on your elephant’s legs and then use ribbon to wrap around the legs and up over the body to hold everything together. You can add the baby socks to your elephant’s feet and put the binkie in as the elephant’s tail.

The face is a little trickier because you will be using the burp cloth as the ears and the two left over diapers for the face and trunk. Take one diaper and fold it so it slightly resembles a triangle and place a rubber band towards the end. Then roll your last diaper into the same jellyroll and place inside the end of the triangle diaper where the point of the triangle is, and secure with a rubber band. Carefully take the wider end and insert into the body and then you can secure this with the bib. Gently tuck the burp cloths into either side of the face under the bib and be sure to fold them so they resemble ears. Finish up by marking two black eyes on your cake with your sharpie and just place your baby toiletries around the elephant on the base plate.

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