DIY Diaper Cakes

You may or may not be aware of the recent trend when it comes to baby shower gift giving. If you are needing a catch up with the trend we are speaking about diaper cakes. The newest and possibly the hottest trend in the baby shower gift game now a days. It is super easy and fun to make diaper cakes and they can be customized based on your style as well as needs. Lets look at some DIY diaper cake techniques.

What will I need?:

  • 1 pack of diapers (or more depending on how big you want your cake. 1 pack of size 1 diapers will usually create a nice medium sized two tier cake)
  • 1-2 bags of rubber bands
  • Ribbon (at least 2 inches in thickness) any color or print you desire
  • Clear Tape
  • Baby items (binkie, rattle, travel size lotion, shampoo, body wash, nail clippers, bibs, onsies, socks, think of that type of things)
  • Cardboard box
  • Tissue paper

So, how on earth do you make this diaper cake? At first thought you might think edible but that is not the case. Instead you take diapers (any size you want although I personally find newborn to size 1 to be the best option) and you roll them up like a jellyroll and secure with a rubber band. Do this for the entire pack (or however many packs you want to use.) Once all your diapers are rolled now it’s time for the fun part of assembling the cake.

I like to cut our cardboard circles and use these as my “plates” or “serving platters” I use them to keep my cake sturdy and easy to carry. You can wrap these circles in your favorite color tissue paper to make them look a little more pleasing. Then you take a thicker rubber band and start inserting your rolled diapers. I use majority on the bottom tier and save maybe 10-15 diapers for the top tier on my two tier cakes. Just keep putting diapers into the thicker rubber band evenly in a circle to make the tier look uniform. Do the same thing to the second layer, and third if you are having three layers. You want each addition tier to be slightly smaller than the one before so you have space to add your gifts and so it looks more like a tiered cake.

Once all your tiers are ready you take your ribbon and wrap it around the rubber bands holding the tiers together, this helps make the cake appear more “clean” and pretty. Secure the ribbon in the back with your clear tape, make sure to add a little space for later when you are adding your items to the cake. Continue until all tiers are done. Now, it’s time to decorate with your items. Decide which item will be your main centerpiece on the top and then strategically place all the other items around the cake using the ribbon to hold them in place.

Once you have your cake finished you can choose to leave it unwrapped or you can take come clear gift wrap and wrap up like you would an Easter basket to help keep things inside. This is how you would do a traditional diaper cake but there are so many varieties I recommend checking out the internet for some new inspiration.

Use our motorcycle diaper cake tutorial for a blow by blow explanation of how to make a diaper cake from scratch.

If you make diaper cakes for a living, try our Free Classified Ad’s if you’d like to advertise your services. Or feel free to submit some pictures of diaper cakes you’ve made to our photos section.

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