Diaper Cakes For Girls

Girl Diaper Cakes– A Wonderful Gift

Diaper cakes are popular gifts for babies. These gifts are fun, useful and unique. You can create masterpieces with the help of simple items. The girl diaper cakes can be made with different themes and colors and these gifts can be cute, sweet and elegant. First of all, it is important to know what a diaper cake is.

These are gift items that are made with different types of diapers and have the shape of cakes. Many people add various other things such as baby clothes, bath stuffs or other things. Several themes are used to make these cakes. Ribbons of different colors are used in these gifts that make them more beautiful. When you are going to make or buy diaper cake for girls you need to make sure that the item is designed perfectly for a girl child.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a diaper cake yourself your should try our motorcycle diaper cake tutorial.

Decorative items

There are different types of decorative items which can be used in the girl diaper cakes. You can buy them from various supply stores for embellishing the girl cake. You can use elements such as:

Cocktail umbrellas
Little flags
Mini candles

You can also look for the supplies of baby shower party. Here you will be able to find cute designs and patterns for the baby girls. These include girlish signs and banners, baby cutouts and crepe streamers. Some popular items that can be used for fixing the diaper items for girls include pacifiers, girl booties or socks, plush toys and many more.

Tiered cakes for girls

The normal tiered diaper cakes can be transformed into beautiful gifts by providing them with some feminine touch. The diapers can be wrapped with pretty blankets. You can add some dainty roses which are made with wash cloths and socks. The appearance can be enhanced with delicate lace and silk leaves. Small pink colored bottles of shampoo, lotion and oil can be attached to the cakes. Small toy blocks, stuffed animals, engraved cups and silver-plated coin banks can be added to such girl diaper cakes.

Ideas of diaper cakes for girls

Princess castle diaper cake- A castle diaper cake can be made for the baby girls with folded diapers which are wrapped in pink ribbons. Towers can be created with the help of rolled diapers, baby bottles and towels. The cake can also be topped with foam. You can also add decorations such as sock flower, a crown, a wand and some plastic balloons.

Ballerina diaper cake- This theme can be perfect for any little girl. A tutu can be wrapped around a layer of the tiered cakes. You can add some hair accessories, small baby sized tights, dainty shoes and few glittery stars.

Doll cake- Beautiful doll girl diaper cakes can be created. These cakes include different types of dolls. This can be the most ideal diaper cake idea for any girl.

Besides these, there are several other types of girl diaper cakes. If you do not want to make this gift item at home, then you can definitely order it online.

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