Diaper Cakes For Boys

All about the Boy Diaper Cakes

The diaper cakes are one of the most popular gifts that are given during occasion such as baby shower. These gift items look great, and at the same time, they are also functional. You can craft the diaper cakes according to any theme. They can also be designed on the basis of the baby’s gender. There are different types of these cakes for both boys and girls. If you are looking for boy diaper cakes you need to know the right themes that should be used. These include the decorative items, as well as the colors that you use in the cakes. Whatever you choose, it should be perfect for a boy. The diaper cakes for boys generally have a tomboyish and sporty appearance. You can search online to find some of the best ideas of diaper cakes for boys. Besides that, there are also the neutral themes which can be used for both boys, as well as girls.


Some of the ideas for the boy diaper cakes include western cowboy, sports themes, trains and many more.

For a cowboy theme, the cake can be topped off with a miniature cowboy hat, as well as other related accessories.

In case of a train themed diaper, you can add wooden trains to the cake. The little boy may not be able to play with these train toys but they can be definitely used for decorating his nursery.

Another popular idea for the diaper cakes for boys is definitely the sports theme. You can decorate the cake on the basis of any particular sport. The diaper cake can also be created based on a popular sports team. Small sports equipment can also be added to these gifts.

A teddy bear theme can also be a great idea for the baby boys. You can use the snugly and soft baby toys in these cakes.

A motorcycle diaper cake is great idea for the road warriors amongst us.

Animal theme can also be used for the boys. You will find small toy animals in the market which will surely make the diaper cake look nice.

Color scheme is important when it comes to the diaper cakes. Brown and blue are the best choices of color for the boy diaper cakes. You need to find the ribbons with co-coordinating colors for wrapping the cake tiers.

Types of diaper cakes

There are different types of boy diaper cakes that can be used. The cloth diaper cakes are quite safe and useful. The diapers that are used in the cakes can be used for several times after washing and drying them. You may use the organic diapers made of cloth. These diapers are generally made of organically developed cotton. Then there are disposable diapers which are popularly used in these cakes. These diapers are also a more economical option than the cloth ones. Besides this, there are the eco-friendly diapers which are made of non-toxic and biodegradable materials. You can also use completely natural and organic decorative items on them. Therefore, there are several options when it comes to the boy diaper cakes.

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