Diaper Cake Ideas

Trying to find a unique way to present your gifts for a baby shower may be challenging which is why today we bring you some awesome ideas for custom diaper cakes. Diaper cakes are a unique way to showcase your baby gifts without just going with a gift bag or wrapping paper. The diaper cake allows you to be as creative as you want to be. If you are lacking the inspiration for ideas we want to help provide you some diaper cake ideas.

  • Tiered Cakes – You can do the traditional diaper cake which is just a tiered cake, think about a wedding cake with the two to three layered tiers. This is the most common form of diaper cake and possibly one of the easier ideas to create.
  • Hot Air Balloon – Take the idea of a tiered diaper cake and transform it into a hot air balloon. This creates a unique and eye pleasing design that will showcase your talents and gifts all at once.
  • Motorcycle Diaper Cakes – Goes without saying we love these. Perfect for the freedom loving road riders amongst us. Check out our Motorcycle Diaper Cake Tutorial here.
  • Teddy Bear – Turn your traditional diaper cake into a cuddly teddy bear. This might be a little more challenging but we promise the end result is adorable and will be a huge hit.
  • Surprise Center – Instead of using diapers for all three layers of your cake, switch out the middle layer of diapers for a board book. This adds another element of surprise and makes your cake a little more unique.
  • Motorcar Cake – While this design might be a little less diaper cakeish it is still using the same idea of using diapers and baby products to design and create a gift that is unique.
  • Bouquet of Diapers – Turn the diapers into little flowers and add to a decorative vase that is filled with other baby necessities for a beautiful and fully functional baby diaper bouquet.
  • Cupcakes – If you want something a little less flashy you can always create a dozen or half dozen of baby cupcakes using the same idea of diapers with baby socks, onsies, and other necessities as the “ingredients” to your cupcakes.
  • Wreath – Again another spin on the traditional diaper cakes is the diaper wreath, this uses the diapers in a wreath design and the baby bath, shampoo, lotions, booties and other things get placed right on the front as the “details.”

The best thing about the diaper cake revolution is that you can make the cake as large or as small as you like and every single part of the diaper cake can be beneficial to the soon to be parents, you don’t have to waste money and space on tissue paper and other things that get thrown away. The cake is the best idea with the least amount of waste. You can create a simple design or intricate design, it all depends on your comfort level and desires.

If you make diaper cakes for a living, try our Free Classified Ad’s if you’d like to advertise your services. Or feel free to submit some pictures of diaper cakes you’ve made to our photos section.

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