How To Cure Acid Reflux Naturally

How To Cure Acid Reflux Naturally

Its very common for your newborn to experience acid reflux. There are a range of symptoms from hiccups multiple times a day, wheezing, spitting up constantly, vomiting, jerking their head back, etc. In my opinion, I believe its a development thing that the baby will eventually work through. I probably wouldve let it go, but after baby girls first week visit, she had lost a little weight. She was already tiny to begin with so the weight loss made this mama a little nervous. Here are a few things we started doing with her to help her keep her milk down. Im writing this a couple weeks later and she rarely spits up anymore, her hiccups occur less, and shes no longer wheezing. Baby girl is happy!

#1 Try Feeding in An Upright Position

This is your basic principle of gravity. When I was nursing her, she did really well with the cradle hold position. Unfortunately, she was lying down which didnt give the milk a chance to make its way down to be digested. The simple act of sitting her up while she fed made a world of a difference.

#2 Feed More Frequently For Shorter Amounts of Time

Once I started doing this, the spits up changed dramatically. This gives her body a fighting chance to digest what she drinks.

#3 Burp Baby Often Throughout Feeding

Burping helps get rid of some of the air that babies tend to swallow during feeding. In some babies, not being burped and too much swallowed air can lead to your problem of reflux, gas, or crankiness.

#4 Keep Your Baby Upright For 20-30 Minutes After a Feeding

Again, this is gravity at its best. This will help the milk go down the stomach instead of burn in the babys throat. I dont mind this at all. I put baby girl on my chest and rock her and snuggle her up!

#5 Get Your Baby Adjusted By A Chiropractor

I had a really fast labor. If thats the case for you, its common for babies to get out of alignment during the birthing process. This can cause the acid reflux or colic in your baby. Dont worry, the adjustment isnt what youre used to. They dont crack your babies back, it should just look like a light massage. Make sure you pick someone who is experienced with babies and does light adjustments.

#6 Apply Essential Oil

I first thought of buying Di-Gize from Young Living because the oil is very specific for helping aid in digestion. I would dilute it with a carrier oil (I use coconut oil) and then rub it on the belly before she feeds. BUT, I didnt have it on hand and wanted to try something right away. If you want to use an oil thats more common, you can also try peppermint. We did 4 drops of our carrier oil and one drop of peppermint. Mix it up and its ready to use.

#7 Elevate Their Bed

This is good because it helps settle down the tummy and keeps the milk from creeping back up. I love to put her to sleep in her Rock N Sleep for this very reason. Its on an incline.

# 8 Probiotics

This I think is good for baby to take anyway. Its great for your gut which is going to help your child from getting sick. For newborns, mix this probiotic with the breast milk and place in a syringe to give to the baby. Super easy!

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