Choosing the Best Baby Shower Games

Are you looking for the best baby shower games that will help your party create lasting memories? If so, we’ve got some great suggestions for fun baby shower games that everyone will enjoy. From standard baby shower games to the more risque, planning a baby shower without games is just plain boring!

Suggestions for Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Bingo—This is pretty standard as far as fun goes since Bingo is a game everyone knows and makes for some fun competition. Simply print out Bingo cards with typical shower gifts on them and as the mom-to-be opens the gifts, the guests check off their cards. Whoever gets Bingo wins a prize, typically some cash or a gift card.
Dont Call me Baby—This one is pretty simple. Everyone gets a diaper pin at the beginning of the night and is instructed they cant say the word “baby.” Whoever catches the person saying “baby” gets that persons diaper pin. The person with the most diaper pins at the end of the night gets a prize!
Who is That Baby—Have all guests bring their baby picture and then collect them at the start of the shower. Number all of the pictures on a board and then have everyone guess who is who, writing them down on a piece of paper. The person with the most correct guesses gets a prize.

Suggestions for Adult Baby Shower Games

Pregnant Twister—This one is tons of fun and can be great if there are a lot of singles coming to the baby shower. All you need is Twister and two or three faux-pregnancy outfits (or even a couple of pillows and belts. You can up the ante with some wrist and ankle weights to make the game more realistic. Let the mom-to-be be the judge!
Baby Pool—This is a great way to get some of the guys involved. Create a baby lottery where everyone pays $5 or $10 to pick a date that the baby will be born. While it might take a few weeks to determine the winner, you can bet that everyone who played will be paying attention to when the child is born! Winner take all (or you splits pot if multiple people pick the same date).
The Baby Maker—Another great way to get singles to mingle (or even hook up that couple that would be perfect together) is to have a web cam and computer handy. There are tons of programs out there that take two pictures and composite them to find out what it would look like if those two people had a baby. Cutest baby and ugliest baby win a prize for the parents (which might be a dinner for two!). Let the mother-to-be judge or take a vote.
Baby Bottle Drinking Game—Simply fill up bottles with different beverages (hint, hint) and have guests select the ones they want to drink from for the night.

Suggestions for Baby Shower Games for All Ages

Guess the Tummy—Have everyone pick a length of toilet paper that they think will go around the mommys tummy. Whoever gets closest to being right without the toilet paper breaking wins!
Draw the Baby—This can be played one of two ways: either blindfold people and have them draw a baby on a piece of paper or have them hold a paper plate on top of their head and draw a baby like that. Best and worst babies win prizes with the mother-to-be judging.

Don’t forget to have great shower decorations, we’d recommend diaper cakes for an amazing center piece, try out motorcycle diaper cake tutorial to learn how to build one yourself.

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