Certified Nursing Assistant Facts and Information

While we’re on the subject of nursing why don’t we consider some other career routes in nursing for example the Certified Nursing Assistant option.

What is a Certified Nursing Assistant?
A Certified Nursing Assistant performs the role of helping registered nurses in their day to day work in the hospital and will help you with your CNA training . However to complete the work, you have to have the right approved education provider and pass the CNA Certification Test

The main role that a nursing assistant takes to work is to check vital signs, bathing, grooming and feeding. On top of the foundation work, CNAs provide emotional support.

CNA Classes The Preparation

CNA Classes get you ready for theCNA certification.

You are required by state to attend trainings that take you between 100 and 200 hours in your state and then you are taught the skills for the job. The course includes a lot of classroom learning, exams, tests and basics of biology, anatomy and patient care and you also learn the prep of your activities. The major places that you can complete your.

CNA Trainingis from hospitals, nursing homes, vocational colleges, community colleges and training centers as long as they are accredited by your state board.

Nursing Homes CNA Training
Another great place to get training is at a nursing home. You can get your training quite cheaply or even for free. However the catch is that you have to work at the nursing home for a few months after you have completed the training so that you can pay them back for the favour that they did.

Cna Online Training
A select number of colleges offer the theory section of your cna course online. However be aware that you cant do the whole course online, because of the practical hands on aspects of your degree.

Red Cross
The best options and variety to do your CNA training is through the Red Cross. Due to its manly locations throughout the US, it is probably the most recognized CNA course available to date. For more info on Red Cross CNA Training

CNA Certification Exam
Once you have done the CNA Training course, you can then apply to do your state CNA Certification exam. The exam is split into two sections. Number one, you complete a written theory exam, which is mostly multiple choice.

Finding A Job
There is currently a big shortage of jobs in the market so make sure that you have done all your training and you have prepared your job interview. There is a big growth in the industry as there will be about a 18% growth in the demand for cna training people because of the ageing population.

If decide to get trained at a nursing home, it should be easy to continue working at the same facility.

The Nurse Aide Salary Structure
You can expect to earn between eleven and fifteen dollars an hour for being a certified nursing assistant.

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