What Baby Shower Supplies do I Need to Get?

When it comes to getting baby shower supplies, the best way to keep yourself organized is to plan out everything you’re going to need to purchase and then make a checklist. This will help you stay organized so that you don’t accidentally overlook any baby shower supplies. In order to help you get a better idea of the types of baby shower supplies that will go on that checklist, heres the four most common categories.

Baby Shower Supplies—The Invites 

First, you’re going to need to get baby shower invites. There are a few ways that you can go about this. You can either go to a baby supply store that sells everything baby-related. These stores normally have large catalogs to choose from and can make the process easy, but of course, this comes at a high price. Alternatively, you can choose an online baby shower supply website that will give you discounts on baby shower invites, though youll have to fill them out and mail them by hand.

You can also download free, printable baby shower invitation templates to really cut down on costs. The upside here is obviously that they are free and you can customize them to give a more personal touch. The downside is that it is a bit more work, but in the end, its worth it as it creates a more memorable experience.

If your thinking about diaper cakes, then of course get some diapers. There is a great diaper cake tutorial on our site, our motorcycle diaper cake tutorial is great for building your own shower center piece.

Baby Shower Supplies—The Food

Next up is the food. This will depend on a few things such as your budget, your guests and your theme. Heres how:

Budget: Depending on whether you are getting the shower catered or not, you will have to pick up baby shower supplies for the cake, main dishes, drinks and appetizers. You can ask guests to bring dishes and even assign them certain categories to make sure you don’t end up with ten sodas, three cakes and no paper cups.

Guests: Its also a good idea to find out if your guests have any dietary restrictions. Its always a good plan to have a few vegan options as well as some gluten-free dishes to accommodate anything—or anyone—that pops up. Having some children-friendly food is also a good idea.

Theme: You also might need to pick up food ingredients based on your theme. For example, you might want to have only baby carrots, baby arugula and baby shrimp type foods. Or, if you’ve themed the party around a destination, having cuisine from that location is a great idea.

Keep in mind that you’re also going to need eating utensils, plates and cups, though asking guests to bring them can be a great way to delegate.

Baby Shower Supplies—The Decorations

When it comes to picking up baby shower decorations, the supplies you need are likely going to depend on your theme. For the most part, sticking with a general color scheme and standard streamers, banners and balloons will be just fine. The more planning you put into the actual event and games, the more fun people will have and the less they’ll be worried about the decorations.

If you need supplies for games, this can be a better use of your decoration budget. For example, picking up Twister for a game of Pregnancy Twister or other baby shower game ideas will be money better spent compared to a sign saying, “Welcome, Baby!”

Baby Shower Supplies—The Gift Bag

Finally, when it comes to putting together the gift bag, putting a lot of thought into the types of memorabilia that people take home is a huge deal.

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