Baby Diaper Cake Instructions

Image of person building a diaper cake

If you are hosting a baby shower and require a good centerpiece idea, or are going to a baby shower and want to bring a decorative and fascinating gift, a diaper cake is just the thing. They can be made to fit any theme or color and are fun to give and receive. Read on to find out how to build and decorate a diaper cake and for some good theme ideas.

Whats Needed

Diapers (how several you would like depends on how large your cake will be.)
Three cardboard bases, every about an inch small than the next
Rubber bands (one for every diaper)
Variety of decorating materials (such as ribbon, silk flowers, and buttons)
Round central object (baby bottle, round shampoo or lotion bottle)
Bibs, receiving blankets or onesies
Small baby products and solutions (such as teethers or pacifiers)
Double-sided tape and pins

Building the Cake

Lay a diaper, unopened, on the flat surface. Commencing within the bottom end from the diaper, roll upwards to the top from the diaper, within the exact same way you’d roll a beach towel. Tie a rubber band on the rolled diaper to preserve it from unrolling. Do this for all the diapers.

Image of person building a diaper cake

Roll up the onesies, receiving blankets, and bibs to on the exact same height as the diapers.

Set the round cardboard base on the flat surface. Location the round centerpiece object within the middle from the cardboard base.

Stand the rolled diapers upright on the round central object. When you get one layer on the central object, place a rubber band close to that layer before starting the next. This will preserve the diaper cake in place and make it far more sturdy. Line up the onesies, receiving blankets and bibs and also the diapers though building the cake. Put them within the inner layers as a surprise after the mother-to-be disassembles her cake or put them within the outer layers so they show.

Place two far more layers of rolled up diapers on the centerpiece.

Place another, small cardboard base on top from the finished tier from the diaper cake.

Build the second and third tiers by repeating Steps 3 via 5, using one much less layer of diapers on the central object for every tier.Decorating the Cake

Now comes the fun part! The decorations you put on your cake will depend on its theme this can be anything from fishing to motorcycles, motorcycle diaper cakes are hugely popular see our how to make a motorcycle diaper cake tutorial if you fancy making one. See below for some theme ideas.

Tie ribbon close to every tier from the diaper cake to hide the rubber bands. You may tie the ends into a bow, or just cut the ribbon to go just on the cake.

Use small pieces of double-sided tape to attach buttons or charms close to every tier from the cake. Use pins to attach silk flowers or fresh flowers to the cake.

Prop small baby items, for example teethers and pacifiers, up on the layers from the cake.

Place a small doll or baby product or service on top from the cake as the cake topper. Tie a bow close to it.

A completed diaper cake

Diaper Cake Theme Ideas

If the baby shower includes a theme or color scheme, you may reflect that within the type of your cake. You may go having a easy color scheme, for example pink for a girl and blue for a boy. You may choose to go with an animal theme. Or you may choose a theme for example bathtime (include towels and washclothes, shampoo and system wash, along with a rubber ducky as a cake topper), bedtime (include bedtime lotion, a blanket, and some pajamas) or a beach-themed cake (include sand sifters, shovels, sunscreen, and sunglasses).

If you happen to be quite strapped for income you may try putting your own baby shower diaper cakes together at home. Just note that a professionally developed cake will usually seem better than one you obviously pieced together on your own.

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