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Things to Consider While Making Great Diaper Cakes

The diaper cakes are great gifts for baptism and baby shower occasions. These items are quite popular due to their practical functionality, as well as festive appearance. Although they have an impressive look, these cakes are quite easy to make. The foundation of these gifts is made of stacked and rolled diapers which are perfectly shaped in such a way that their appearance resembles the tiered cakes. Bows and ribbons are used in these cakes for decorating and stabilizing the layers. Addition of materials such as stuffed animals, baby-care products, blankets, baby clothes and other useful and fun items introduces the creative artistry. You can find these cakes readymade at online stores and the specialty shops. On the other hand, some people prefer to make them at home. The beginners may select an undecorated and plain diaper cake which can be embellished. You must choose the option which is most suitable for you.

There are certain factors that you must consider while making the diaper cakes.

Type of diaper

It is important to decide the type of diaper that you want to be used in the cakes. Generally, disposable and plain diapers are used for this purpose. However, you may consider using eco-friendly and cloth diapers. Interesting cakes can also be created with swim diapers. Besides this, diapers with floral prints and various colors can also be used for making the cakes look more attractive. The size of the diapers is also important when you are using them to make these gift items.

Style of the cake

While making or buying the diaper cakes you must also choose the style that you want. The styles include:

Diapers can be overlapped and flattened with a smooth and nice finishing which resembles icing.
Diapers can be rolled and arranged individually for delivering the rolled look which is quite popular.
Individual diapers can also be shaped into sundaes or cup cakes.
These are certain diaper cake styles that you can use.

The theme

You must also select the right theme according to the occasion. The right theme will enhance the festive mood of the occasion. The decorative items, as well as the trims which you add to the foundation of the cake can customized. They can be personalized according to the parents’ favorite interest and hobbies, this can be anything from motorcycle diaper cakes to elephant diaper cakes. The theme can also be matched with decoration of the room of the baby. For example, if you are looking for a cake with sports theme, then you can stuff it with small sized soccer ball, baseball or basketball. If you want to create diaper cakes with zoo theme, then you can add booties and blankets with zebra print. Whatever be the items that you select for decorating the cake ensure that they are completely safe for the babies.

If you are making the diaper cakes by yourself, then you have the opportunity of designing them according to your wish. However, most of the online stores and shops also allow you to personalize these items.

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