Tales of a Nursing Student {2 Weeks Away From Nursing School}

I can't believe school starts in 2 weeks!!! Where did my summer go???

I have to admit that I am super nervous about starting school. I am worried about homework ....tests....oral presentations...and my household, yes I am worried about my house, kids and husband! I barely have any down time lately so how am I going to find time for everything else!.....but with that being said, I am also SUPER excited about this new journey that I am about to start in 2 weeks!!!!

So anyways, these are things I have been doing lately:

I am trying to keep myself organized so that I don't drive the hubby crazy. I want this transition to go as smooth as possible for my family and myself for the next 21 months. So, what I did was, I found an empty wall in my townhome and turned it into this:

Key change holder $9.99, so that we (I) don't lose any keys. I paid $21 dollars for the file holder to keep my girls school papers somewhat organized. Each girl has their own space It was white and it had a huge scratch. I asked the cashier at HomeGoods for an
 additional discount and she said OK! The can of paint cost $4. The backpack holder was $20 but it was on sale (and it was white with red and blue) and it also had a scratch so I ended up paying $10 because I asked for an additional discount! The quotes on the top were $10 and $5 each. The clipboards were $1 each at a dollar store! I printed each day from my Google Calendar. It shows my classes, homework due dates, hubby's work days, girls school hours...and everything else that will happen in our lives from Monday through Saturday. It is my weekly calendar. I will update it every Sunday. I PROMISE! I also placed cork ($7) in an old frame I had. The chest is actually an old egg crate my MIL gave me. I love it because it looks so rustic. And last but not least I added 2 old fire extinguisher I had (also from my MIL) and I think it brought everything together nicely :)

This is my favorite sign. Too bad I only found a really small one. It reminds me everyday to follow my family rules and most importantly to BE HAPPY. I tend to get cranky sometimes...Yeaaaahhhh I do get cranky sometimes... I am a MOM - and a wife too ya know..... {BIG SMILE}

I also found a place next to my dining room table to put a book case I had in my family room. That is were I will keep all of my school books and stuff.

And this is my rolling suitcase I will be using to bring my books to school!

I also purchased my new watch on sale for less than $40 with a second hand (very important!)

I also had to buy a pair of white tennis shoes for lab and Clinicals. After searching for so many different styles and stores I found this pair at JCPenney. They are actually for restaurant and hospital workers. they are oil resistant and have extra padding.....and everything else that made it into a great shoe and for only $40 dollars I had to buy them. I don't know why I had such a hard time finding a cute pair of plain white shoes! I found some cute Sketchers but I don't think they would have been a good choice. 

And last but not least My UNIFORM! I have 2 tops with pants and a coat. They all are blue. The pants are being fixed because they were not only too long, but they were also too narrow at the bottom....I asked the lady at my local dry cleaners to make some slits at the bottom of the pants so that they can fit better :)

Well, my next post about nursing school will be in 2 weeks! I will post how my first day went and then I will do an update every week. aaaahhhhh can't wait!
and THANKS for "listening" to me! ;)


Nicole said...

I LOVE your organization area! It looks great and seem like it would be really functional.

I soo need something like this too! Thanks for your inspirations (as always) :)

Sweetaprils said...

Thanks Nicole! I was trying really hard to stay on a budget ;) now, lets hope my organization works starting Oct 3rd! :)

PMASH said...

So excited for you! And you are so thrifty and creative with that wall, I'm inspired!

MamaMash said...

Oops! I was signed in as my husband on that comment! HA!

Sweetaprils said...

haha Thanks MamaMash!!

lilk8tob said...

Your organization is going to help so much through nursing school, especially with having a family! I love the setup, not only will it keep you organized, but it looks amazing too! Good luck with school, if you ever need advice or just to vent, you know where to find me!

Take care,

Sweetaprils said...

Hi Katie! Thanks so much for stopping by! I LOVE your blog. You are truly an inspiration. I love everything about your site and mostly the way you write. You have experienced so much already and I only hope my story will be as exciting and interesting as yours :) I'll keep in touch for sure :) talk to you soon!

WorkItMama said...

Where did you purchase the key holder? Love it!!!

MAC said...

Where did you get the key holder?! Please email me at mhcd2009@att.net


Sparklers Magazine said...

We loved this idea so much! We found it on pinterest and shared your link with our readers. Perfect for getting the house ready for back to school time!

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