Nursing School Graduation Party Ideas {From Sweets Indeed and more!}

I know I am wayyyyyy to early to start planing my graduation party. I havent even started school yet! ha! (a few more weeks to go) BUT having that vision of graduation day in my mind motivates me to keep on going. I know I will make my family proud but I can tell you that I will be super proud of myself too! Anyway, here are some ideas I have found on the Internet and pinterest. ENJOY!!! They are super cool!!!

BUT FIRST I want to show you this AMAZING dessert table from Sweets Indeed. Just by looking at it makes me smile! You can also like them on facebook here. They do beautiful work and all of their dessert tables are INSANELY amazing!

I also found the most amazing invitation from the Sears Family Adventures Blog but I am not sure who makes them! I will find out!!! :)

Other random things I found and I am loving it!!!!
From Petite Cupcakes
From Rachels Cakes (Rachel Christine on Pinterest)
From Bakerella
Why not add some brains (cupcakes)....from Martha Stewart
Cupcakes from Jess Desserts you can also find her on pinterest. I couldnt find a website for her! (I will update later) These are AWESOME!
Another amazing cake by The Baking Sheet

Another awesome cake! For more info check their page at  Cake Central
Another cake awesome cake! For more info go to their link on Cake Central

 These would be great as party favors: Bottle cap magnets on etsy

I hope you enjoyed this amazing ideas. I sure did!!!


Kate said...

I LOVE these ideas! When I graduated, I made signs for different things in "nurse language"

Intake: above the drinks
Output: on the bathroom door
Regular diet: By the food
Glucose: by the desserts
ETOH: by the beer haha

That is all I can remember off the top of my head

Nursing is a GREAT profession! Go for it girl!


Sweetaprils {Nursing Student Mommy} said...

haha! Thank you Kate! I LOVE your ideas!!! super original. I will make sure to use them the day I graduate. Thanks for stopping by!